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Creating a cozy and gorgeous place to relax in your backyard is a dream for many of us. However, when choosing materials for your terrace, there are many considerations including durability, sustainability and design. Why WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) decking board from EcoDeckProfile is the best choice? Let’s look closer at the benefits and unique characteristics of EcoDeckProfile boards and compare them with their wooden counterparts.

Advantages of WPC Decking Boards over Wood The most important thing to note about WPC decking boards is that they are an excellent alternative to wood.

Here are a few key benefits:

  1. Durability: WPC decking boards are designed to last for many years. It is resistant to rotting, practically does not lose its colour under the influence of ultraviolet rays and is not afraid of high humidity. This means you can enjoy your terrace without worrying about its condition.
  2. Does not require maintenance: Unlike wooden decks, WPC boards do not require regular painting, coating or other complex maintenance. It remains beautiful without any extra effort. You will not need to waste time and money on constant maintenance.
  3. Strength and Resistance: Composite boards are resistant to fungus, insects and rotting. This is a material that will retain its strength and beauty for many years. Even with active use, it will remain reliable.
  4. Environmentally friendly: The production of WPC boards does not require wood harvesting, which reduces the negative impact on the environment. Composite boards are made from wood processing waste (birch wood flour), which makes it more environmentally friendly and resistant to the depletion of natural resources.

Advantages of EcoDeckProfile boards over other manufacturers: The EcoDeckProfile company stands out among manufacturers of WPC decking boards with several unique characteristics:

  1. Wood imitating surface – design inspired by nature: EcoDeckProfile is the only WPC manufacturer in Latvia that produces composite decking boards with a wood texture imitating pine or spruce. This gives your terrace or façade a unique design inspired by nature itself. This surface has the warmth and coziness of natural wood, which makes your space comfortable and suitable for relaxation by the whole family.
  2. Nature-friendly material: The wood texture on the surface of the EcoDeckProfile board goes well with both artificial and natural materials, plants and flowers. The composite board has a pleasant smell of birch wood, does not emit harmful substances, and is safe for pets. This is important for those who value caring for nature and their health.
  3. Non-slip decking board: EcoDeckProfile wood texture decking board has increased safety. It slips less than a corduroy board or a wooden board, making your deck safe, even in the rain. This is especially important to avoid accidents and injuries.
  4. Splinter and cut protection: The EcoDeckProfile board will not leave splinters or cut your feet. Even children can run on it barefoot without fear of getting cuts. The texture of the decking board is also pleasant to the touch, adding to the comfort of your experience.
  5. High strength: Extra thick walls and 4 internal partitions make the EcoDeckProfile decking board incredibly durable. It can easily withstand even heavy loads, be it a mass event on your terrace or active children’s games. You can be sure of its reliability.
  6. Easy to Clean: EcoDeckProfile composite boards are easier to clean than boards with a surface similar to Corduroy. Sand, spruce needles and dirt do not linger on it, unlike boards with grooves. Wind and rain themselves wash the surface of your terrace, and removing dirt from the grooves of the “Velvet” is not an easy task. This saves you time and effort.

EcoDeckProfile Facade Board

It should be noted that the EcoDeckProfile company also produces facade boards, ideal for finishing facades, fences and boxes. Facade boards have all the same advantages as decking boards: beautiful appearance, strength and durability. With an EcoDeckProfile facade, you give your home an elegant and modern look that will last for many years.


EcoDeckProfile provides you with unique and quality solutions for terraces, stairs, fences and facades. Wood texture, durability, strength and ease of care make EcoDeckProfile products the best choice for those who value beauty and functionality. Whether you need decking boards, stairs or façade boards, EcoDeckProfile offers the perfect solution. Create a cozy and secure space with EcoDeckProfile products and enjoy it for many years to come. Your home deserves only the best, and EcoDeckProfile will help you make your dreams come true.

WPC EcoDeckProfile Colors

EcoDeckProfile specializes in the production of building materials from wood-polymer composite (WPC) and has the most modern (2022) full-cycle equipment: from mixture preparation and in-house production of WPC (WPC) granules, to the production of finished first-class boards.

Our main goal is to produce a high quality and durable product. Quality control of the EcoDeckProfile products takes place at every stage of production: from the purchase of raw materials to the moment the products are shipped to the customer.

We offer high quality decking boards and steps. Together with the equipment, the most modern technology was adopted. Experienced specialists from Germany, Ukraine and Latvia carried out the start-up, consulting and adaptation of production to the raw materials available. The company’s products are manufactured in Latvia, from European raw materials. The production technology and components of EcoDeckProfile terrace boards meet the highest standards of the current market. Unlike most manufacturers, we apply the wood structure on a board that has not yet cooled down, right at the extruder, which allows us to create a deeper texture on the surface of the terrace board, and reduce the energy consumption for its application. This method of 3D processing makes the board more aesthetic, less slippery, and most importantly more durable and resistant to the environment (no microcracks are formed when applying the texture). We are paying extra attention to the environmental aspect and the reduction of consumption, associating our products with environmental sustainability in order to respect the environment. EcoDeckProfile offers various types of wood-polymer composite (WPC) deck boards with deep 3D embossing, “OLD WOOD” style fence boards and “Antislip” stair steps.

Our priority is quality. We do not participate in the race under the slogan “Who will make the cheapest terrace.” We produce a few, but very high-quality composite boards, the design of which is suggested by nature itself.

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